Pixelcraftian Minecraft Server

Season M3


IP: mc.pixelcraftian.com

Version: 1.16.1+

Java Edition only, sorry mobile fans!

Season M4: 11PM BST

About the Server...

The Pixelcraftian Minecraft Server is a fun Super Mario-styled server, designed for Pixelcraftian fans!

We have Survival, PVP, Skyblock, a little new thing called Spleef, and some other awesome stuff!

A resource pack comes preinstalled, be sure to use Optifine! With it you'll be able to see what the coins and other textures, the main thing you'll notice is that the terracotta has been modified to be more.. mario-y! You can find some cool Super Mario Bros blocks around, and the paintings have been changed, too!

There's custom items, too! Things such as the P-Wing (which gives you 10 seconds of flight), a Golden Pipe (which takes you to a wonderful room made of pure gold!) and don't forget powerups such as the Super Mushroom and Super Star! They'll really help you!

Select your Character!

Unlike most SMP's, we have a CHARACTER SELECTION area before you enter the SMP!

Take a look, and perhaps take a challenge!

Yourself (8 Hearts, No other gameplay changes)

Play as yourself, but do note, you won't have the jump boost effects. The only character on Skyblock, sorry!

Mario (Jump Boost 3, 15 Hearts)

Mario is the main choice when it comes to this server, he's a good pick, too! You can swap to Mario instantly via a Mario Cherry!

Luigi (Jump Boost 4, 15 Hearts)

Luigi has a higher jump than Mario. That's about it.

Toad (Jump Boost 2, Speed 2, 15 Hearts)

Toad is the choice I've seen most on this server, so it's probably the most recommended.

Toadette (Jump Boost 3, Speed 2, 15 Hearts)

Toadette is apparently better than Toad with jumping. She tries her best.

Captain Toad (No Jump, 20 Hearts, Slowness 1, Haste 2)

Captain Toad is Captain Toad, he can't jump. Nice extra hearts, though!

Future Mario (Jump Boost 3, Weakness, 17 Hearts)

Not a very good fighter. He's good at other stuff though, like having better health.

Frog Mario (Jump to Move, Fast in Water, Water Breathing, 20 Hearts)

If you want a base where no one can explode it (well, not without draining the water), Frog Mario is a good pick. Not very good on land, though.

Otherworld Player (Very Strong, 0.5 Hearts)

The best fighter of the characters, however, they are EXTREMELY weak!

Spectator (Different Inventory, Adventure Mode, Can't Die or Attack)

Want to show a mate your base without them trying to break everything? Tell them to go spectator! Also kinda good for another ender chest, technically.

Speed Mario (Very Fast, 8 Hearts, Weakness, No Jump Boost)

Good for getting around places, not very good on combat. Used to get to the 1 Million Mark!

Slime (Jump to Move, Resistance 2, Jump Boost 5, 13 Hearts)

One of the highest jumpers! Though, you'll be jumping every time you move. Good for a slime block prank!

Blind Toad (Blind, Jump Boost 2, Speed 2, 30 Hearts)

Very good health-wise, but everything else is just not very good.

Timed Toad (Slowly Dying, 30 Hearts, Speed 2, Jump Boost 2)

You wanna take a challenge? Think you can stay alive for the most amount of time whilst constantly withering? Take the Timed Toad challenge!

Ninja (Strength 1, 5 Hearts, Speed 2, No Nametag)

Not the guy from Fortnite

Dinnerbone (Same as Yourself)

Just here for fun, funny to see players upside down lol

Pig (5 Hearts, 10 Temporary Hearts, Slowness 2, Resistance 2, No Nametag)

Only available through a Pig Cherry, Probably a good way to get around things without being spotted!

Skeleton (8 Hearts, 6 Temporary Hearts, Strength 2, Resistance 1, Constant Hunger)

Only available through a Skeleton Cherry, Luckily, you don't burn in the daylight.

The Occasional Troublemakers' Story!

This server is, technically, a place in between the Minecraft and Super Mario universes, which means that Toads can safely cross the barrier whenever it's open, unfortunately, some toads use that power for evil. Just like you, the Toads respawn too, but back at the Mario Universe. That's why a specific group, the Squad Toads come in a big bunch every time you encounter them. They're always wearing pink, and attack any players in sight. They hope one day to eradicate all Minecraft Players (we all know that's not happening) but you can stop them! They spawn in the SMP and Skyblock, but sometimes they can get into fights with the Unknown, who just fight for no reason. You might see both sides around!

The Server's constantly changing!

If you want to know ASAP when something new appears, check the SMSC AUDIENCE DISCORD, go to #ROLES and select the MINECRAFT PLAYER role, that way you can get pinged if events or new things are starting. Shutdown's mostly mean crashes, but can be updates, too!

Sometimes I'll be appearing as [Broadcast] because I'm invisible lol. Have a good day, and join the server!