Pixelcraftian Minecraft Server

Season MX v1.1


IP: mc.pixelcraftian.com
Version: 1.17+

Java Edition only, sorry mobile fans!

Latest Event: Anti-Bed Week

About the Server...

The Pixelcraftian Minecraft Server is a fun Super Mario-styled server, designed for Pixelcraftian fans!
Our main attraction is the Pixelcraftian SMP, or Super Mario SMP, or whatever you wanna call it lol, but we do have other things such as Spleef, Sky Islands, and more!

A resource pack comes preinstalled, be sure to use Optifine! With it you'll be able to see what the coins and other textures, the main thing you'll notice is that the terracotta has been modified to be more.. mario-y! You can find some cool Super Mario Bros blocks around, and the paintings have been changed, too!

What's Mario without powerups and characters? You can select character perks to play as, and soon be able to disguise as them (Last season, it was mandatory, this season, it's optional!) Power-ups have also been thrown into the mix, like the Super Mushroom, 1-UP Mushroom and P-Wing!

Weekly Events!

Like the server, but want more? The server is constantly changing! One thing that's new is Weekly Events, basically events that go on for a full week, like for example, Team/War SMP's can occur, which pit 2 teams against eachother to prepare for items and engage in WAR! Or Prank Party, when Shabby comes along and challenges everybody to prepare their best pranks possible!

If you want to know ASAP when something new appears, check the SMSC AUDIENCE DISCORD, go to #ROLES and select the MINECRAFT PLAYER role, that way you can get pinged if events or new things are starting. Shutdown's mostly mean crashes, but can be updates, too!

Sometimes I'll be appearing as [Broadcast] because I'm invisible lol. Have a good day, and join the server!

Pro Tips to help the journey!

Needing some assistance? Don't worry, got you covered.

- /sethome and /home will set your home location, /home bed works too!
- /tpa and /tpaccept will help you bring people your way!
- Use beds to set your /home bed!
- Luigi and Peach have the least health, whilst Toad and Toadette have the most!
- /recipes is a really useful command that brings up all the custom recipes/items you can find on the server!
- Be aware of the bosses, and be sure to set a home in case you die and drop your stuff!
- If you die, no one else can pick up your loot except if you do /unlockdrops!
- KeepInventory is off by default, but it's on in the Nether, The End and Sky Islands!
- Out of Cobble, yet full of other stones? You can craft tools with them!
- Be careful setting multiple homes, they need names! Try "/sethome house" and "/sethome mines" if you..  ..have access to 2 or more homes!

Ranks for everybody!

Ranks can now be bought! What a new addition, you may be asking "ew pay to win yucky!!!!" but there is no P2W, you buy Ranks with Coins! A new reason to play Survival! Have 64 coins minimum? Go get yourself a rank at the Rank Redeemer store :)

[B] Rank:
- 2 Plots
- That's it

Rank Stage 1 Perks:
- Break Mob Spawners without Silk Touch
- 2 Plots
- 2 Homes

Rank Stage 2 Perks:
- All Stage 1 Perks
- 4 Plots
- /craft command

Rank Stage 3 Perks:
- All Stage 1/2 Perks
- Completely Cosmetic ATM

Select your Character!

Unlike most SMP's, we have a CHARACTER SELECTION area before you enter the SMP!
Take a look, and perhaps take a challenge!

Yourself (10 Hearts, No other gameplay changes)
Play as yourself, but do note, you won't have the jump boost effects. The only character on Skyblock, sorry!

Mario (Jump Boost 3, 15 Hearts)
Mario is the main choice when it comes to this server, he's a good pick, too! You can swap to Mario instantly via a Mario Cherry!

Luigi (Jump Boost 4, 14 Hearts)
Luigi has a higher jump than Mario. That's about it.

Toad (Jump Boost 1, Speed 2, 16 Hearts)
Toad is the choice I've seen most on this server, so it's probably the most recommended.

Toadette (Jump Boost 2, Speed 1, 16 Hearts)
Toadette is apparently better than Toad with jumping. She tries her best.

 (Slow Falling, Jump Boost, 14 Hearts)
Professional Faller, princess of the Mushroom Kingdom

Bosses, and a bunch of them.

To keep you playing, we've introduced BOSSES to battle! After defeating them all

Minecraft Mobhunt (Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, Spider - Easy)
These mobs are required for the advancement, and are the basic four hostile mobs. Defeating them should be a breeze.

mike (destroyer of worlds, 75HP - mike)
After your last battle with mike, he becomes your hardest battle yet, and the first boss of the server. Comes with 4 ekim's that have diamond swords. He drops some really good loot. He's currently attempting to breach containment. Drops mike ingots

Plains Protector
 (135HP - Hard)
The Plains Protector isn't as hard as Mike, but will send you flying with their knockback 5 sword, they have a totem on hand so they won't die instantly. Drops some dirt and a grass blade.

Forest Dweller 
(200HP - Easy)
Beware of the Forest's Keeper, They're an easy fight, and drop their arm and some wood.

(150HP - Normal)
Professional Flame Arrow Archer, comes with 4 supportmen, all with bows. Drops, you know, his bow, but if you use it, you can't craft it. Tends to avoid players.

(80HP - Normal)
Ever get sand in your eyes? That's how it feels to fight this guy. Always chucking splash sand at you and knocking you back whenever you get close. Not hard, just a real pain.

Lost Player 
(40HP - Hard)
Lost in the nether, and corrupted by wither. Has OP loot on him, so beating him isn't gonna be easy if you're not prepared.

(80HP - Hard)
Piglin Brutes have nothing against her,  she drops a cracked netherite sword and Piglin Meat when she dies, and a chance to drop a [GOLD] tag, It's technically free plots. She slashes her sword with power though, so stay cautious.

(120HP - Easy)
Trying to be as powerful as mike, but epic fail. Only strong side is they respawn fast and their advancement item is not always dropped.